Introducing Studio 3 and TribalFit

Welcome to Studio 3, our newest training area: a high-energy space designed for high intensity training and athletic performance.

An exciting addition to our gym and outdoor training terrace, Studio 3 features a training zone where members can focus on functional and strength training, and a TribalFit zone dedicated to our new TribalFit classes.

TribaFit is a 45-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class, combining cardiovascular exercises and strength training in a circuit format. The class is divided into three high-energy stations: treadmill cardio, strength training with weights, and combat moves with punching bags.

Thanks to a heart rate monitor, everyone’s activity is projected onto a large screen in the class –great for real-time feedback, and provides some extra motivation through competition!

Classes are led by instructors trained specifically in TribalFit protocols, with lights and music to power extra energy into the room. Engaging, fun, lively and definitely an excellent workout!

Access to Studio 3 and TribalFit classes is included in Platinum and Gold memberships, starting November 29th.

Silver Members will be able to access Studio 3 and TribalFit classes until December 31st, as part of a special promotional period.


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